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I am a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Victoria. I belong to a group working on dynamical systems and ergodic theory. To look at my research papers, click here. For my courses, click here. I am currently running the University of Victoria Dynamics Seminar. Here the terms `dynamics' and `running' are used in their loosest and most general sense.

Previously, I was an Associate Professor at the University of Memphis and before that a Research Fellow (post-doc. approximately) of King's College , Cambridge in England. My research is in ergodic theory, and in particular, I have been looking at the theory of expanding maps, information theory and recently statistical mechanics, Gibbs states and percolation theory. Here is my Curriculum Vitae

Here are some Lecture Notes on the multiplicative ergodic theorem from a minicourse at the Universidade de São Paulo.
Here's a video created by Austin Davis as a continuation of a project in my Chaos class

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For a copy of Steven Kalikow's book on Ergodic Theory, click here.

Anthony Quas
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC

Tel.: (1)(250) 721-7463
Fax: (1)(250) 721-8962

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