24th Coast Combinatorics Conference
4th BC Combinatorics Day

March 5 - 6, 2016


Terasen Cinema (Room 1800)

Simon Fraser University, Harbour Centre  

515 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3 

The organizers are grateful for the support of the Simon Fraser University Department of Mathematics.
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The Coast Combinatorics Conferences began in 1999. They feature a diverse collections of talks on topics in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science. There are usually two meetings per year, one on the Canadian west coast (or occasionally Hawaii or elsewhere) in mid-February, and one on the Canadian east coast in early May. Both meetings feature a collegial, collaborative, workshop-style atmosphere.


If you're willing to walk, or take the SkyTrain, there are many hotel choices available.  Here are a few suggestions of places we believe are good, and which are a reasonable price on sites like expedia.ca.

Nearby to Harbour Centre
Rosedale on Robson Suite Hotel,  Sandman Hotel Vancouver City Centre, or any of higher priced hotels like the Delta or Coast Coal Harbour;
English Bay area (walking or bus required): Sylvia Hotel, Coast Plaza Stanley Park, Best Western Sands Hotel;
Other hotels in downtown that require a walk: Best Western Chateau Granville, Listel Hotel Vancouver;
It is also possible to stay near the airport, in Richmond, and ride the SkyTrain to Harbour Centre.  There is a good selection of hotels available.  The same goes for other locations on a SkyTrain line.

Conference Registration

There is no registration fee.  It would help with planning of you could send a message to let the organizers know how many people in your group to expect.  Please email
Gary MacGillivray, gmacgill  (AT) UVic  (DOT)  ca

Program  (click here for abstracts)

Saturday, March 5
Coffee, tea and juice (just beverages)
Justin Chan, SFU.  Suitable cores and arrays
Brett Kolesnik, UBC-V.  Graph bootstrap percolation
Aaron Slobodin, Quest.  Optimizing Employee Scheduling Through Linear Programming
Lunch break (on your own)
Amanda Malloch, UVic.  Thickly-Resolvable Block Designs
Rick Brewster, TRU. A Dichotomy Theorem for Circular Colouring Reconfiguration
Karen Yeats, SFU.  Understanding the log expansion in quantum field theory combinatorially
Coffee break (on your own)
Claudia Linhares Sales, Brazil.  Proper orientation of cacti
Richard Hoshino, Quest.  The Edge Density of Critical Digraphs
End of Saturday talks.

Sunday, March 6
Coffee, tea and juice (just beverages)
Marni Mishna, SFU.  A Baxter class of a different kind, and other walks on Young's Lattice
Mark MacLean, Seattle U. Bipartite distance-regular graphs and the Terwilliger algebra:  thin modules with endpoint 2
Rob Craigen, Manitoba, Survey of Negacyclic Weighing Matrices
Coffee Break (on your own)
Nathan Ilten, SFU. Grassmannians of 2-planes and related simplicial complexes
Gary MacGillivray, UVic.  Colourings of (0, m)-graphs and the switching operation
Conference Ends

Travel Information
First, make your way to Vancouver by plane, ferry, car, bus, bicycle, kayak, or some other means.  Then, SFU Harbour Centre is located at 515 West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver.  The nearest SkyTrain station is Waterfront Station.  Maps, directions, and parking information can be found here.

Conference Organization.  The organizers are Jonathan Jedwab, SFU; Sean McGuinness, TRU; Richard Anstee, UBC; and Gary MacGillivray, UVic.  For information contact Gary MacGillivray, gmacgill  (AT)  UVic  (DOT)  CA