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I am a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Victoria. I belong to a group working on dynamical systems and ergodic theory. To look at my research papers, click here. For my courses, click here. I am currently running the University of Victoria Dynamics Seminar. Here the terms `dynamics' and `running' are used in their loosest and most general sense.

Previously, I was an Associate Professor at the University of Memphis and before that a Research Fellow (post-doc. approximately) of King's College , Cambridge in England. My research is in ergodic theory, and in particular, my recent work has been on multiplicative ergodic theory and symbolic dynamics. In the past, I have worked on universality in ergodic theory, expanding maps, information theory and percolation theory. Here is my Curriculum Vitae

Here are some Lecture Notes on the multiplicative ergodic theorem from a minicourse at the Universidade de São Paulo.

Lecture Notes on "Coupling and Splicing" from a mini-course at Pingree Park in 2017.

Here's a video created by Austin Davis as a continuation of a project in my Chaos class

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For a copy of Steven Kalikow's book on Ergodic Theory, click here.

Anthony Quas
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC

Tel.: (1)(250) 721-7463
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