Ian F. Putnam

Canada Research Chair in Operator Algebras and Dynamical Systems,
Fellow, Royal Society of Canada,
Fellow, American Mathematical Society

Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Victoria,
Victoria, B.C.,
Canada V8W 3R4

E-mail: ifputnam at uvic dot ca

A brief CV

"I was reading an article about mathematics. Perfectly pure mathematics. My own knowledge of mathematics stops at 'twelve times twelve', but I enjoyed that article immensely. I didn't understand a word of it; but facts, or what a man believes to be facts, are always delightful." -Mark Twain.


contains course information for classes which I am currently teaching.


contains a description of research interests and a list of publications, including recent ones which are available from this site and some conference presentations.

Lecture Notes:

contains lecture notes from past courses at various levels. At the moment, these are mostly topics from advanced undergraduate or graduate level courses.

A group shot of GiMPS (courtesy Mike Boyle).