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L.W. MARCOUX                                       A.R. SOUROUR


None yet.  Please send us money.  We'll write your name here.


    Mathematical papers intended for submission in  RejectaMathematica should be in electronic form.   The first paragraph must be really good.  It has to spark the imagination of our readers.   Manuscripts, in electronic form, should be submitted by e-mail to: All other communication with Rejecta Mathematica  is strictly forbidden.

    After a paper is rejected for publication, the author will be notified and be sent an outrageously large bill.  Please be advised, RejectaMathematica  will only reject articles of supreme quality.   All other articles will be returned to the author, and we invite the author to submit them to some lesser, more obscure journal.


    The cost of publishing is getting out of control.  This is due in large part to greed, incompetence and the nature of capitalism.  We will therefore periodically be sending people bills for page charges, whether or not you have been rejected by Rejecta Mathematica.


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