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For graduate students in the department of Mathematics and Statistics - please download and complete Part I of the following form to express your interest in a Sessional teaching appointment in Summer 2020, Fall 2020 or Spring 2021.  The form must be approved by your graduate supervisor.  Submission deadline is November 8, 2019.


Graduate Student Teaching Request Form

Guiding Principles:

  • Sessional teaching is an important component of a doctoral student’s teaching dossier, and an integral part of their learning. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics strives to ensure that PhD students graduate with a well-rounded teaching dossier;
  • Coursework, research and thesis completion is, however, the primary objective for all students and must remain paramount. In order to support a well-rounded student development, the department’s practice is to limit sessional teaching assignments to 1 section per academic year. Under special circumstances, a second section may be offered based on need, and supervisor approval;
  • Students will have demonstrated teaching effectiveness gained from working in the Assistance Centre, leading tutorials or labs or other teaching experience prior to being offered a sessional teaching appointment;
  • Initial teaching assignments will often be made in Spring or Fall in coordinated courses in order to provide supervision and mentorship throughout the first assignment;
  • Faculty mentors will be assigned for all summer teaching assignments;
  • Masters students will be considered for sessional teaching work provided that they have outstanding tutorial or lab experience, and provided there is an appropriate assignment available.