Students and Post-docs


1.     Post-docs




Current Position

Michael Waite (with Dr. A. Monahan)

July 2007-July 2009

 Assistant professor @ U of Waterloo

Ying Han

November 2008-present


Ian Ross (with Drs. A. Monahan & N. McFarlane)

January 2009-present



2.     PhD Students




Current Position

Maryam Namazi

January 2006—present



3.     MasterŐs Student




Current Position

James Ferguson

January 2005—August 2008

 PhD Student @ UBC

Vasilina Bohun (with Dr. R. Illner)

Sept. 2005-Dec. 2006


LP Soumier (with Dr M. Agueh)  

Sept. 2008- present



  1. Undergraduate Students


                                                                    Type of supervision                                                   

                                                                    (e.g. Honours thesis, summer                               Period of

Student                                                   project, Coop)                                                               supervision


Gregory Wilson                                  Summer Research/NSERC-USRA                        May 1-Aug. 31, 2004

Gregory Wilson                                  Summer Research/UVic-SURA*                          May 1-Aug. 31, 2005

Killian Miller                                        Summer Research/NSERC-USRA                        May 1-Aug. 31, 2005

Killian Miller                                        Summer Research/NSERC-USRA                        May 1-Aug.31, 2006

Stefan Horocholyn                            Summer Research/NSERC-USRA                        May 1-Aug-31, 2007