All students under my sole supervision unless explicitly stated otherwise.

    Current and Past Trainees:


Name Research Topic Year Completed   First or Last Known Position
Robyn Bates, Co-supervised with Bill Reed An exploration of Bayesian methods for the generalized normal-Laplace distribution 2006
PhD student, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Philip Rempel Exploring model misspecification and robustness in joint models for longitudinal and survival data. 2007
Not Known
Eric Cormier Exploring Markov models for longitudinal binary data 2009 Assistant Teaching Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, UVic
Elena Szefer Statistical Approaches for Combining Group Analysis and Registration of MR Images 2012
Biostatistician, The EMMES Corporation
Robin Spilette, Co-supervised with Naznin Virji-Babul
Graph theoretic analysis of EEG data
Law Student, University of Toronto
Robyn Kilshaw, Co-supervised with Mike Masson
Bayesian Within-Subject Credible Intervals for Repeated Measures Designs
PhD student, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Cole Sibbald, Co-supervised with Nishant Mehta
Differential Privacy Techniques in Stacked Generalization
Not Known

Graduate MSc:

Name Research Topic Year Completed    First or Last Known Position
Hong Li                                                   Spatio-temporal modeling of fire frequency and severity from panel data. 

Research award: Best poster award - 19th Annual Conference of The International Environmetrics Society, 2008.
2008 Statistician, Health Canada
Aijun Yang                                              Modeling survival after myocardial infarction using accelerated failure time models and space-varying regression. 2009 Statistician, Health Canada
Parminder Sarohia A study of desperation in sport. 2010 Actuarial Position, Mercer, Vancouver
Salimah Ismail Mixed model and space-varying regression analysis of Magnetoencephalography  brain signals.

Research award: Best student research presentation - 40th Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada, 2012. 
2012 Unknown
Susan Kinniburgh Spatial and Network models for the spread of disease. 2012
Regular Faculty Member, Mathematics and Statistics, Camosun College, Victoria
Priya Grewal Spatial smoothing and ecological regression analysis of low birth weight in British Columbia. 2012
Veronica Sabelnykova, Co-supervised with Mary Lesperance
Bayesian Methods for Joint Modeling of Survival and Longitudinal Data: Applications and Computing
Statistician, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Toronto
Keelin Greenlaw, Co-supervised with Mary Lesperance 
Bayesian group-sparse multi-task regression for imaging genomics.

Research award: CANSSI-sponsored best paper award - Statistical Society of Canada Student Meeting, 2015.
Statistician, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, Montreal
Nicole Croteau
Persistent homology for MEG/EEG classification with application to brain decoding.
Statistical Consultant, UVic Statistical Consulting Centre
Nancy Guo
Spatial Analysis of the Tumor Microenvirnment 2021

Zhengxiao Wei
Bayesian Within-Subject Inference for Repeated Measures Designs In Progress

Ziyi Lyu
In Progress

Fabiha Binte Farooq
External student from Economics working as an RA on a cancer imaging study (I am not the formal supervisor for her degree in economics) 2021

Graduate PhD:

Name Research Topic Year Completed   First or Last Known Position
Angus Argyle  Species Richness Estimation
Statistician, Statistics Canada, Ottawa
Ming Teng, Co-supervised with Timothy Johnson
Bayesian Computation for Spatial Data and Neuroimaging Data
Statistician, Morgan Stanley, New York
Yin Song
Statistical Methods for Neuroimaging Data Analysis and Cognitive Science
Data Scientist, Tutela
Eugene Opoku, Co-supervised with Ejaz Ahmed
Methods for imaging Data and imaging genetics
Shan Shi
Machine Learning with applications to neuroimaging data; feature construction (on leave of absence)
In Progress

Aijun Yang
Methods for Spatial Transcriptomics and Cancer Research In Progress

Leno Rocha, Co-supervised with Michelle Miranda
Neural Network Feature Construction for Imaging Genetics (one leave of absence) In Progress

Postdoctoral Fellow:

Name Research Topic Year Completed   First or Last Known Position
Li Xing(NSERC and UVic PDF)                                                                    
Regression for Longitudinal Analysis in Imaging Genetics with Bayesian Shrinkage Priors
Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan
Cedric Beulac (CANSSI Distinguished PDF, Co-supervised with Jiguo Cao and Faisal Beg)
Genetic Correlates of Alzheimers Disease Subtypes
In Progress


Research Associate:

Name Research Topic Year Completed   First or Last Known Position
Susan Kinniburgh, Co-supervised with Trisalyn Nelson (Geography)                                                                      
High-dimensional analysis for predictive crime mapping 2014
Regular Faculty Member, Mathematics and Statistics, Camosun College
Nicole Croteau, Co-supervised with Trisalyn Nelson (Geography)
Machine learning for forecasting expected hydrological runoff
Statistical Consultant, UVic Statistical Consulting Centre
Yin Song
Joint Analysis of empirical and computer model generated fMRI data
Data Scientist, Tutela

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