Assistant Professor & Canada Research Chair (tier II)

Department of Mathematics and Statistics of University of Victoria, BC, Canada

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Research Interest: (1) Statistical Genomics, (2) Machine learning (3) Design and analysis of clinical trials, and (4) Big data problems

Other Affiliations: (Associate) Faculty member of


Obtained a PhD degree in statistics from University of British Columbia (09/2007-05/2011) under the supervision of Dr. Raphael Gottardo and Dr. Kevin P. Murphy. Held a BCIC Innovation Scholarship (2007-2009) and a NSERC CGS-D scholarship (2009-2011)

Has been a visiting scholar at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (2011), supported by Canada Graduate Scholarships – Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements

Worked as a postdoctoral fellow with NSERC PDF award (2011-2013) at the Dept. of Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University under the supervision of Dr. Hongkai Ji and Dr. Rafael Irizarry.

Worked as a MSc statistician at Centre for Heart Lung Innovation and Sirius Genomics Inc. (2005-2009) and a PhD statistician at Eli Lilly & Co. and AstraZeneca (2014-2017).

Joined the University of Victoria (2017) as an assistant professor & Canada Research Chair (tier 2).


Postdoc fellowship I could hire regular postdoc using research grant, but the salary will not be competitive. I'd like candidates to apply additional funding from other agencies, such as PIMS postdoc, CANSSI postdoc, NSERC postdoc, MITACS postdoc, MITACS Chinese postdoc etc. Successful candidates are expected to have solid statistics knowledge and strong programming skills. Background in machine learning and/or bioinformatics are preferred.

PhD/MSc students: Department will provide about $5000/year TA salary for all graduate students. My students are encouraged to apply VADA scholarship

UVic tuition is about $2000 per term, which is much lower than most other universities in Canada.

Selected recent publications


On logistic Box-Cox regression for flexibly estimating the shape and strength of exposure-disease relationships. (The Canadian Journal of Statistics 2020 Accepted) Arxiv manuscript link

Stock Market Openness and Market Quality: Evidence from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program. (Journal of Financial Research 2020) SSRN manuscript link or Journal paper Link

Simultaneous prediction of multiple outcomes using revised stacking algorithms. (Bioinformatics 2020) Link of Paper
Software package on CRAN and GitHub

Model-based clustering for identifying disease-associated SNPs in case-control genome-wide association studies. (Scientific Reports 2019) Link of Paper
Software package on CRAN and GitHub

Two Submitted manuscripts about optimal design

The Optimal Design of Clinical Trials with Potential Biomarker Effects, A Novel Computational Approach. (2020) Arxiv manuscript link
(To solve a clinical trial design problem with computational challenges, we proposed a novel approach using GPU Monte Carlo and smoothing. The programming and first draft preparation are led by Yitao Lu, a summer intern student in my lab.)

Optimal Study Design for Reducing Variances of Coefficient Estimators in Change-Point Models. (2020) Arxiv manuscript link


MTPS: Multi-Task Prediction using Stacking Algorithms. CRAN link

GWASbyCluster: Identifying disease-associated significant SNPs using clustering approach. CRAN link

PICS: Probabilistic inference of ChIP-Seq using an empirical Bayes mixture model approach. Bioconductor link

PING: Probabilistic inference for Nucleosome Positioning with MNase-based or Sonicated Short-read Data. Bioconductor link




David Turpin Building, Room A523
Email: Xuekui at UVic dot ca

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Mathematics and Statistics
University of Victoria
Victoria, B.C.
Canada V8W 2Y2