I aim to get my students excited about math, while at the same time treating them with respect and fairness.

A Statement:

When I grew up, information was scarce. Apart from searching libraries or trying to locate experts, there weren't really any other resources. By contrast, these days information is cheap. You can find pretty much anything known to humanity somewhere on the internet.

So it seems to me that today's teacher (to stay relevant) needs to do something very different from simply dumping information into heads. Don't get me wrong: having 'fluency' in your discipline is more important than ever. But a strong 'mental engine' is now much more important than the ability to memorize facts. In practice, we can usually delegate the latter to Google.

In this spirit, I place extra emphasis on things like: motivating why we are learning certain topics, drawing connections between different topics, and honing students' problem-solving skills.

I also place strong value on mathematical 'beauty'. First off, it's worthy of our appreciation and usually induces curiosity. But more pragmatically, seeing this beauty helps you organize and remember the basic stuff you need from a math course.

By the way, you students out there have my sincere appreciation. I get joy and motivation from our interactions. Thanks!

Current/upcoming Courses:

  • Spring 2022: MATH 422