Farouk S. Nathoo 


Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Victoria

Victoria, BC, Canada, V8W 3P4

Curriculum Vitae
Office: DTB (formerly SSM) A-545
Phone: 250-472-4693
 Fax: 250-721-8962
 nathoo at uvic dot ca

Left to right: Shreena Kalaria, Yasaman Shahhoseni, Flora Liu, Farouk Nathoo, Zhengxiao Wei, Aijun Yang, Shibai Zhang

Research Program:

Biostatistics, statistical methods for the analysis of neuroimaging data, Bayesian methods, variational Bayes, spatial and spatiotemporal data, statistical modeling and computational methods, cancer bioinformatics.


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In Spring 2024 I am teaching STAT 359 (Data Analysis) and STAT 460 (Bayesian Statistics).

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